Starting a website is not an easy task. At one point or the other, you need an expert who can manage your hosting, domain name and take care of other important tasks. If you want some potential assistance with launching your website online, then Chillydigital is definitely your cup of tea in all aspects. At Chillydigital, we help our customers choose and get the best domain name, which otherwise is a difficult task. There are various rules prescribed by the online community which must be followed while deciding a proper domain name. Getting the right documentation is again important. Our experts at Chillydigital are there to assist you at every step.

Our Services at a Glance

  • Cloud hosting

We encourage the users to adopt cloud hosting as it involves the use of cloud, which enables them to pull resources from the available virtual servers. Also, these cloud models have the security measures of their own, through which your private data can be protected easily. On the other hand, if the customers have high standards for security then, we recommend them to use the private cloud as it provides better privacy.

  • Email Hosting

At Chillydigital, we also rent email servers to all our customers. This is included in the fees we charge and you don't need to pay any extra. Both the outgoing and the incoming emails are managed by a separate and dedicated mail server.

  • SSD hosting

Solid State Drive is basically a computer storage device. We provide it to those website owners who run a large corporation or an industry. This is because it enables them to store massive data within their server infrastructure. The speed is better than the usual old school drives. Thus we recommend their usage.

  • WordPress Hosting

We provide all our customers with the facility of WordPress hosting. This makes their website free from all the hackers, offers free security updates, automatic caching, above all you get a very fast and smooth running server.

  • SSL Certificate

The basic work of SSL certificate is to bind the domain name and the hostname. At Chillydigital we provide SSL certificate to all our customers so that they can easily secure their online transactions, logins and the likes from any unauthorized users.

Why Choose Us?

  • Securing your website

We make sure to secure your website from all the attackers by providing you with a completely secure hosting.

  • We guide the customers to take full use of our control panel

In order to help the customers with the effective management of all the functionalities, we walk them through our control panel. It is easily accessible, simple and easy to use. It is reliable, flexible and is absolutely free of cost.

  • We make sure to suggest our customers some unique domain name

At Chillydigital, we help the customers choose the best domain name which is in line with their business goals and needs.

  • Above all, we are there to help our customers all the time

we know and understand that our customers may need us at any time of an hour. That is why one or the other of our experts are always available for their help round the clock/ 24*7. You can mail us, raise a ticket on our website or even call whenever and wherever needed.

Launching a new website would never seem like a big task if you come to Chillydigital for help. We make sure to help each of our customers in the best way possible, by incorporating their needs and instructions.

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